Biological System

Kangaroo Reproduction Process

Western Grey Kangaroos

I find this topic interesting because I honestly never knew the exact process of how kangaroos are reproduced.  Besides the mating part, what else actually happens during this process?  Before I watched this video, I thought kangaroos were born similarly to humans except they live in their mom’s pouch until a certain age.  However, the process is quite different, and involves these elements:

  • mom
  • intercourse
  • embryo
  • pouch
  • embryo milk
  • joey
  • joey milkbaby-kangaroo

All of these elements are interconnected in a way that lets kangaroos reproduce.  Intercourse creates a lima bean sized embryo which crawls its way from the mother’s birth canal to the pouch.  In the pouch, the embryo latches onto its mother’s nipple for 34 weeks and receives embryo milk until it is ready to leave the pouch.  After it leaves the pouch, the joey still needs to be fed from its mother and receives joey milk for the next 4 months.

Biological System

This unique reproduction process helps kangaroos nourish their young ones in a safe and effective way.  Baby kangaroos are too small and helpless to be out on their own, so by using a pouch, they will always be connected with their mother.  Also, since these kangaroos can produce two different types of milk, it allows them to nourish an embryo in their pouch and a joey outside of their pouch at the same exact time.


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