Up Goer Exercise

I find this idea interesting because I have never really knew how these jumping animals with big ears and strong legs are brought to life. Besides the baby making part, what else actually happens during this time? Before I watched moving things on a computer about jumping animals with big ears and strong legs, I thought these animals were brought to life in the same way that humans are except they live in their mom’s warm big space covered with skin and hair until a good age. However, the way they are brought to life is quite different, and uses these words:

  • mom
  • baby making
  • tiny baby
  • baby
  • bag
  • tiny baby food
  • baby food
All of these words help this animal make more of this animal.  Baby making makes a tiny moving baby that moves its way from the mother animal’s opening to the big bag covered with skin.  In this covered bag, the tiny baby gets food until it is ready to leave the bag.  After it leaves the bag, the now bigger baby still needs food from its mother and gets food from her for the next 4 months.
modiefied system
Every baby needs mother’s love, the way that jumping animals loves their kids is that they take their kids with them all the time. Their baby growing very well under their mom’s love. The mother gives their baby enough food when they are still in the bag and when they are outside the bag.

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