Control/Feedback System

Automatic Sliding Doors


  • Movement / Weight
  • Motion sensor / Weight Sensor
  • Sliding Door
  • People


This system is a very simple and involves a sensor that triggers the door to slide open.  In most cases there is a motion sensor above the door that detects motion in a certain radius.  In other cases, there are weight sensors that could be disguised in a rubber mat in front of the door.  Whenever these sensors are triggered, a signal is generated and is passed to the door telling it to open.

This is a open-loop control system where the signal generated from the sensor is the control.  From my experiences, the signal from the sensor triggers the door to slide open, and then usually after a certain amount of time the door automatically closes.

control system

The purpose of this system is to provide a hands-free way for people to open doors with ease.  It’s especially an important system for people who are unable to or have difficulties opening doors.


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