Industrial System

Manufacturing Bicycles


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Heat and Cold
  • Auto-grade spray paint
  • Transfer tape
  • Suspension
  • Handle bar
  • Seat
  • Brake
  • Gears
  • Wheels


Aluminum tubes are cut to certain dimensions and are welded together to create the frame.  The frame is then heated intensely and quickly cooled to make it easier to work with.  Paint is sprayed on the frame then transfer tape is applies the logo to the frame.  Suspensions are added to the frame, then handle bar and seat.  Next, the brakes are added, then the gears, and lastly the wheels.

industrial system

The function of this process is to maintain an organized and standard way to create bicycles.  Also, having the frame as the basis of the entire process is probably the most efficient and smartest way to go about building these bikes.


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